Expat life can be glamorous, fun and exciting, filled with plenty of perks and new exciting challenges. But it can also be lonely, difficult and alienating – no longer part of the head office team and often confronted with tough situations. This is where coaching can really make a difference.

We can help by:

  • Exploring both short and longer-term issues which need to be addressed to ensure success in your assignment
  • Supporting you through feelings of overwhelm as you balance the demands of your new role at work versus the need to establish and settle into a whole new lifestyle
  • Providing a confidential sounding board when despite the excitement of your new role, you understand you need to hit the ground running and make your mark
  • Empowering you to step out of your comfort zone, exceed your expectations and thrive in your new environment


Being part of an expat family can be lonely, disorientating, and confusing. Your own career may be on hold and establishing your life within a new culture and language can be difficult without the support of friends and family. Temporary accommodation can be unsettling and trying to get to grips with everyday matters can be frustrating and daunting.

We can help by:

  • Providing a trusting and safe environment where you can voice your genuine feelings and concerns
  • Supporting you through worries and obstacles that are getting in your way and focusing on practical, actionable solutions
  • Offering friendly, supportive guidance when you haven’t yet established your own network
  • Exploring career options that are fulfilling and fit in with your new lifestyle
  • Transforming your expat experience and accelerating your integration into your new community


Returning home after an overseas assignment can be a complete culture shock. For the expat, the reality of HQ can be unsettling with an overwhelming feeling of not fitting in, less remuneration and no expat benefits. For families, the disruption to life and schooling can be more difficult to adapt to than the original assignment. Friends and family haven’t shared your experiences, and no-one understands.

We can help by:

  • Getting you back on track and motivated with work and personal goals
  • Providing an opportunity to explore frustrations and obstacles confidentially
  • Preparing a strategy to accelerate integration back home and help establish your new identity
  • Encouraging you to accept that your worldview has changed and to use your vast experiences positively


It is 3 – 7 times more expensive to place an expat into a position as opposed to a local employee. The investment is significant and yet research shows that up to 40% of expat placements fail. Difficulty in making cultural adjustments, job satisfaction and family issues are the most cited problems. Engaging a coach to support the expat and his/her partner can significantly reduce the risk of costly retention issues.

We can help by:

  • Providing a confidential sounding board which can help prevent the escalation of expat related issues
  • Working with clients to build resilience and confidence around navigating their way around new cultural norms
  • Offering support and encouragement when the ‘honeymoon’ period is over and the reality of expat life kicks in
  • Supporting expats to grow and thrive in their often demanding and complex new roles
  • Helping partners to navigate a new way of working when continuing down their own career path is no longer an option


No matter which programme is suitable for you, our solutions-based approach is always to support and encourage, motivate and help you reach your goals. We will ask powerful questions, dare you to think differently and help to create a practical plan which will break down self-imposed barriers. We will challenge you to empower yourself but never judge and never say “you should”.

If you are ready to make this investment in yourself, take a look at our package options and let’s get started. If they aren’t quite right, then please get in touch as we are always happy to design a more personalised solution.


Offering six 1:1 coaching sessions extending over a six-month period, this programme offers an opportunity to transform your expat experience making lasting and sustainable change.

You will:

  • Explore personal and work issues that are impacting your life in both a positive and negative way
  • Be supported to look at new ways of thinking, discover potential and move forward positively
  • Grow in confidence, build resilience and feel empowered to move out of your comfort zone
  • Focus on strengths, practical solutions and future success
  • Discover strategies to deal with self-doubt, create new habits and live with purpose
  • Learn to embrace your expat life with positivity and thrive

Package price £1,295


This is a powerful and intensive programme for those wanting to either accelerate successful integration into a new expat environment OR for those who are already settled but realise that things could be a whole lot better. Fast Track offers six one hour 1:1 sessions over six weeks and requires a lot of commitment from YOU to make it work.

You will:

  • Focus on your needs and immediate challenges
  • Identify and talk through frustrations so that they can be overcome
  • Discover behaviours that are holding you back and develop practical strategies
  • Work on a clear action plan between sessions to ensure progress
  • Learn to see the positives and focus on what you CAN change rather than what you can’t
  • Transform your expat experience into a happy and fulfilling one!

Package price £1,295


Sometimes people only need a small amount of help with something specific that is blocking progress. This action focused one-off consultation is a great way to gain clarity and direction, set some achievable and attainable goals and move on feeling energised and motivated.

You will:

  • We will send you a short questionnaire in advance so that we have a good idea of the primary issue you wish to address
  • You will have space to think about and express your concerns and together we will look at what needs to change
  • We will have an intensive 60-minute session in which you will be supported but also challenged to examine barriers and find ways to move forward
  • You will go away feeling more confident, motivated and with a clear and practical action plan

Package price £125

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Working as an International Executive Search Partner with companies ranging from hi-tech start-ups through to major blue-chip organisations, Jill has gained deep insight into many of the issues facing companies and individuals today. Jill’s history of forging longstanding alliances with clients and candidates, where trust and confidentiality were at the heart of all she did, led to a natural progression to coaching and this has been backed up with a formal ICF qualification.

Coaching and mentoring informally has been at the heart of all I have done throughout my career. Working with senior international executives to fulfil their career potential has been a privilege and working with companies all over the world has been exciting and eye opening – who knew that people pro-actively wanted to work in war zones? Placing expats in a multitude of locations added a whole different dimension to my headhunting role – it wasn’t just about finding the right skills and experience for the job but also the right cultural fit, and I loved it. Headhunting can be tough but working with people to truly understand their needs and then deliver results that tick all the boxes for client and candidate alike is truly satisfying.

So why the career change? It wasn’t an easy decision, and I knew I wanted to play to my strengths and international experience , but I felt ready for a new challenge. Supporting people through major work and life changes had been central to my career and coaching became the obvious choice. Making the decision to train as an ICF coach has been life changing – I have found ‘my thing’ and love working with people to help them grow in confidence, flourish, and thrive.



Working in Operations & Finance for a leading global investment bank gave Sandra in-depth experience of the many challenges facing international businesses today. Managing multi-cultural teams in London, Hong Kong, South Korea and New York for over 15 years was both challenging and exciting, providing a unique opportunity to work with many different people in a fast paced ever changing environment. In addition, Sandra spent many years as an expat partner establishing herself into new communities and building friendships that led to an extremely rewarding and happy expat life. She also has experience of integrating successfully back home despite her worldview having changed so much.

I loved my career in the international banking world and the opportunity to live and work in exciting cities was exhilarating. Working with many different nationalities to achieve a common goal could be daunting but by being sensitive to the cultural diversity at play, my motivating and encouraging style made things possible. My roles in finance and operations required sound technical skills but it was the people and coaching side of the business which gave me most satisfaction and played to my strengths.

The experience I’d had as a career expat proved to be invaluable when we moved as a family to rural Africa with three tiny children. Living in Uganda and Zimbabwe was fabulous in many ways, but I also found that being an expat partner brought a whole different set of challenges. Then came relocation back to the UK and I am honestly not sure which of the scenarios was trickiest. Adjusting to change on any level can be difficult as well exciting but grabbing life with both hands tends to be my mantra and I have an innate ability to see the positive in everything. What I love now is combining my international experience with coaching skills to really make a difference to those who need help to adjust or those who want to reach higher and excel.


It would be no exaggeration to say that working with Sandra at Forward Steps Coaching has completely changed my life and brought remarkable, measurable improvements to my business. I have thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful, knowledgeable coaching sessions, which helped me to put in place several key changes – opening up new business opportunities and making my working day far more productive and enjoyable. I have also recommended the company to several others, who are all equally impressed.

Debbie Jeffery – Property Journalist
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The International Coach Federation (ICF) global survey showed that 82.7% of individuals who have experienced professional coaching report being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience and 96.2% said they would repeat it given the opportunity.

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